Snowy walks with the Home Hat

Snowy walks with the Home Hat

Carmen wearing Home Hat looking up at snowy trees

Here in the southern part of the Netherlands, we’ve been lucky enough to have some snow! On a Friday afternoon, my boyfriend and I decided to start our weekend a couple hours earlier and drive to a nearby forest. The roads were very busy with (probably) other people going for snowy walks, but luckily there are a lot of walking spots in the area so once we got into the forest it was actually very quiet.

Carmen wearing Home Hat looking to the side

The snow was ‘sticky snow’, my favourite kind! It’s the snow you get when the temperature is just below zero degrees, and makes for good snowball-throwing and snowman-making since it sticks together well.

Carmen laughing at the camera and pointing at snowman behind her

So of course we had to build a snowman! Did you know the Dutch word for snowman is ‘sneeuwpop’, which is literally ‘snow-doll’? I have always been interested in language since I was studying Linguistics in university. Especially nowadays I’m more and more aware of which words are gendered (for example snowman) and when they are gender neutral (‘sneeuwpop’). It’s just very interesting to me so I thought I would share.

Carmen wearing Home Hat facing away from camera, showing crown of hat

Normally I’m not a person who likes walks, but snow changes things! And I’ll be honest, the best thing about snow is that it makes for a brilliant photo backdrop. It just works so well for handknit items, look at how the colours pop! So I was excited to get some more pictures of my Home Hat design.

Home Hat Pattern

If you want to knit your own Home Hat, there is still time to knit it and wear it this winter! If you’ve watched my recent podcast episodes, you’ll know I knit a lot of hats last winter. Some I was able to finish in two days, hats are just so quick if you get the hang of it!

Find my Home Hat pattern here for FREE

And you can find the paid PDF version (no ads, printerfriendly) here in my own webshop and here in my Ravelry shop.

Getting the yarn

Get your Scheepjes Metropolis yarn via Scheepjes retailers, or my affiliate links below. Purchasing via affiliate links doesn’t cost you anything extra but the shopkeeper will reward me with a small percentage. Thank you for considering!

Wool Warehouse

Caro’s Atelier

Home Hat knit fabric up close, showing the stranded colourwork in detail


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Snowy walks with the Home Hat