Standing Double Crochet

Standing Double Crochet

The problem with 3 chain stitches

If you have ever crocheted a project with double crochet stitches (US terminology) you will know this problem. The pattern tells you to attach your yarn by crocheting 3 chain stitches to act as your first double crochet. But when you continue the row with actual double crochet stitches, there is a gap in between the chain stitches and the double crochet stitches. Ever since I learned this trick, I no longer have this problem!

What is a Standing Double Crochet?

There are a couple of ways to get rid of the gap at the start of a row, but my favourite method is the standing double crochet. It is very easy to do and I have been doing it on every single crochet project since I learned it.

How to do a Standing Double Crochet

Step 1: To start the Standing Double Crochet (SDC), put the yarn around your hook twice as opposed to just once when crocheting a regular double crochet.

Step 2: Insert into the stitch.

Step 3: Put the yarn around your hook and pull a loop through the stitch as you normally would.

Step 4: Put the yarn around your hook again, and pull through two loops.

Step 5: Put the yarn around your hook one last time, and pull through two loops. The last of these will be quite loose as it’s one of the yarnovers from Step 1.

You can now continue with regular double crochet stitches, and enjoy your beautiful work!

The pattern I’m crocheting in these photos is the free Cruise Cardigan pattern, find it here:

Cruise Cardigan Pattern

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Standing Double Crochet