2024: The Year of Home

2024: The Year of Home

The Year of Home

Get ready for the theme of 2024: The Year of Home! During this year I will be creating lovely handmade items to make my current living space feel more like home. I am currently renting and together with my partner I am hoping to purchase our first home in Scotland.

While we are living in our temporary space, I do want to make it feel more like home without having to paint a wall or drill holes. I’m going to focus on renterfriendly DIY projects that will add some personal touches, and that I will be able to move with me to my next home.

Looking back on 2023

Last year was the first time I did a theme for the whole year, which was ‘The Year of Using What I Have”. It feels great to use materials that are already in your stash, rather than buying new supplies. I thought it was a great success as I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Part of this year was becoming aware of my own spending habits, and knowing which materials to buy so that you will actually use them. All of the videos from this year are still up on my Patreon page, so go and have a look if you’re curious!

What to expect this year

This year I want to take a look at things we can place around our home to make it more our style. Of course you can buy lots of things in stores as well but it just seems way more fun to me to be able to make these items ourselves so that they are truly unique.

Some ideas for this year are: seasonal decorations like wreathes, seat cushions, a colourful bath mat, maybe some other rugs and I’d love to make a cute doorstopper as well. I have lots of other ideas but I have to work them out first to see if they will work.

So many ideas!

I have a feeling you’ll absolutely love the project ideas I have in stock for you this year. I’m already working on two of them, one of which is with air dry clay which I’m seeing all over my Instagram feed right now. I just had to!

If you want to follow along, have a look at my Patreon page. Tons of other videos are already waiting for you. And right now, you can still get a 7 day free trial if you’ve never subscribed before. Try it out!


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2024: The Year of Home