New pattern: Discodip Shawl

New pattern: Discodip Shawl

Introducing the Discodip Shawl! Some of you might already know this pattern from my Summer of Shawls E-book, and now it is available as an individual pattern.

The Discodip Shawl is a delightful pattern to knit, with an easy lace repeat and mindless knit stitches every second row.

If you have a couple of handdyed skeins of yarn in your stash, this is the perfect pattern for it!

Usually lace and handdyed yarn is a ‘busy’ combination, but because of the subtle lace pattern it really allows the yarn to shine. I have used some soft speckled yarn for my sample and I love the way it looks

The pattern also includes colour fading instructions if you’re using more than one colourway of yarn.

Want to get the Discodip Shawl pattern for free? The pattern is a free download for my Patreon supporters at the Golden Delicious and Elstar tiers. And I can hear you thinking, “but wait, you need to pay to be a Patreon supporter, so it isn’t free”.

Count yourself lucky, because the 7 day free trial is still active! If you haven’t claimed the 7 day free trial yet, you can become a member of my Patreon page for absolutely free. Grab that pattern in those seven days, and you’re good to go!

I feel like such a Tell Sell commercial but really, “wait, there’s more!” lol. I have also filmed a tutorial video for the Discodip Shawl, that you can also get access to on my Patreon page! So active that 7 day free trial, get the pattern PLUS the tutorial video.

Plus, of course, dozens of other tutorial videos on there that will help elevate your knitting skills.

Patreon Free Trial

Just looking for the pattern? You can get it right here from my Ravelry shop:

Discodip Shawl pattern

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New pattern: Discodip Shawl