Learn how to make charts

Learn how to make charts

Learn how to make charts

Today I am posting the first part of a new video series on my Patreon page! This will be a three-part video series on how to make your own charts.

In Part 1 which is out today, I’m showing you how to make your own colourwork charts. You can use these for colourwork knitting, crochet, and even cross stitch.

This video series is available for my Patreon subscribers at the Jonagold, Golden Delicious, and Elstar tier levels. Visit my Patreon page here.

Part 2 will focus on knitting charts and will be coming next week Wednesday. Part 3 is all about crochet charts and will be coming the Wednesday after that. These videos are not just handy if you want to design your own patterns, but also if you want to modify existing designs.

When you subscribe to my Patreon page, you instantly get access to dozens more tutorial videos and exclusive knitting masterclasses. Join today and unlock your rewards!

Til next time,

x Carmen

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Learn how to make charts