Weaving in ends without sewing!

Weaving in ends without sewing!

Weaving in ends without sewing!

Learn to weave in ends without sewing!

This is an amazing technique to have in your knitting skillset. Unleash your inner child using ALL of the colours, and no longer worry about having to sew in all those ends.

In this tutorial video, I’m showing you how to ‘wrap’ your ends while knitting. You can use this technique for any project where you’re knitting stockinette in the round. A tube scarf, sock or sweater where you want to use a bunch of colours? Use this technique! Even if you’re just switching to a new ball of yarn in the same colour, you will be able to use this technique.

The pattern featured in this video is my Scrappy Socks pattern, which you can find here. Enjoy 50% off this pattern until Sunday August 22nd, no coupon code needed!

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Make your projects as colourful as you want!

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Weaving in ends without sewing!