Cosy Moments Shawl

Learn how to knit lace!


Designer’s notes:

The Cosy Moments Shawl is a perfect project if you want to learn how to knit lace. You will need to know how to knit, but you don’t need any experience with knitting lace. In the pattern you will find links to video tutorials for each of the lace patterns.

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Designed by Carmen Jorissen

The Cosy Moments Shawl is a knitting pattern for a lace shawl, featuring eight different lace patterns. It’s a half-round shawl (also called semi-circle or half-pi shawl) and will be knit flat on circular knitting needles.

For the Cosy Moments Shawl, I’ve used the beautiful gradient yarn Scheepjes Whirl. Alternatively, you can use Scheepjes Whirligig (DK version) to get an even bigger shawl. For both yarns, 1 cake will be enough for a swatch and the shawl.

Colourways used for samples:
Pink sample: Scheepjes Whirl Turkish Delight 778
Blue sample: Scheepjes Whirl Turquoise Turntable 559

Get your Scheepjes yarn at your local Scheepjes retailer, or shop online via one of the affiliate links below.

Wool Warehouse

Caro’s Atelier

I’ve written the pattern in two languages: English and Dutch, and are available as downloadable PDF files. The pattern is also available for FREE on my blog, divided into four parts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 (final part)

Pattern includes contact information if you need any help with the pattern. You can also message me here or on Ravelry if you have any questions. Happy knitting!

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Cosy Moments Shawl