Wild Strawberry Socks

Knit a gorgeous pair of textured socks


Designer’s notes:

The Bohus knitting technique combines colourwork knitting with purling, and this gives a whole new dimension to your knit!

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Designed by Carmen Jorissen

The Wild Strawberry socks use a Swedish knitting technique from around 1939 called Bohus Stickning. It features both colourwork knitting and the combination of knit and purl stitches, creating an interesting textured fabric. Traditionally, the Bohus technique is used on a mix of light wool and angora yarns.

Sizes available
EU 35-47, also including even more customizable options for sizing

For the sample, I have used Scheepjes Our Tribe yarns in the colourways Jellina Creations (dark orange/purple) and Haak Maar Raak (lighter red/pastels). You will only need 100grams (1 ball) of each colour, this is enough for every size.

Needle Size
You will need at least 2 different needle sizes to make up for the difference in gauge between regular and colourwork knitting.

These socks are knit from the toe up, and the heels are german short row heels. I have instruction videos for the cast on and the heel on my Youtube Channel New Leaf Podcast.

I’ve written the pattern in two languages: English and Dutch, and are available as downloadable PDF files.

Pattern includes contact information if you need any help with the pattern. You can also message me here or on Ravelry if you have any questions. Happy knitting!

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Wild Strawberry Socks