Garment-a-Long starting tomorrow!

Garment-a-Long starting tomorrow!


Are you in the mood for sweaters, tops and cardigans? I sure am! I keep seeing beautiful handmade pieces people are adding to their wardrobe, and it fills me with determination to add to my own wardrobe.

I was inspired to start a Garment-a-Long, and hopefully you will want to join in!

Perhaps you have a couple of works-in-progress you could use some motivation for finishing, or maybe you want to treat yourself by casting on a new garment?

During this Make-a-Long, we will cheer each other on and hopefully work through those garments a little quicker. I’m all for enjoying the process and crafting mindfully, but sleeve island can be so daunting!

How to join the Garment-a-Long?

Do you want to work alongside me on your garment project(s)? To keep you motivated, I will be doing live videos on Youtube each week.

The first live video will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 9am CEST. Yes, I know that’s the middle of the night for US folks, but any given time is bound to be midnight for someone. I might try some different times later, so stay tuned!

During the live video you can knit/crochet/sew together with me, and if you are watching via your laptop or phone you can participate in the live chat which is always fun. If you can’t be there live, you can always watch the replay and see what it’s like.

Youtube Channel

Share your progress

Want to see what other participants are up to, or are you looking for ideas for which garment to cast on? Or perhaps you have a great idea for your next garment project that you want to share with others, or that you want colour opinions on? Be sure to check out my Facebook Group!

New Leaf Facebook Group

Talking about garments, I finished my Saga cardigan!! FINALLYYYYY. I started it late 2021 and finally came around to finishing the steek edges and the buttonband. I’m telling you all about it in my latest podcast episode, check it out via the button below.

Episode 104

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Garment-a-Long starting tomorrow!