A Sea Story – Modern Mosaic Crochet

A Sea Story – Modern Mosaic Crochet

A Sea Story by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

If you love crochet, you have probably heard of Tatsiana’s designs under her brand Lilla Björn Crochet. Tatsiana is an amazing designer, known for her beautiful mosaic crochet designs and for instance the Rozeta CAL for Scheepjes. And now, she has published her first book! Meet ‘A Sea Story’, a stunning collection of modern mosaic crochet designs, all by Tatsiana.

For a peek at the crochet designs in this book, and information on where to purchase a copy, please keep reading.

Left: the ‘Silence Scarf’ from the front cover of the book. Right: the ‘From Sea to Sea blanket’

For her book, Tatsiana has not only designed accessories and blankets, but also garments and home decor items. As I’ve translated many of Tatsiana’s patterns, I can honestly say her patterns are incredibly well-written. I would never dare suggest a crochet or knit pattern can be ‘flawless’, as we all know mistakes can creep in here and there, but if any came close, it would sure be Tatsiana’s patterns.

In the collage above, you see on the left side the ‘Silence Scarf’, the same project from the front cover of the book. All of the designs in the book are named with the sea in mind, and in particular the coast of Malmö in Sweden. Tatsiana feels very drawn to this part of the world, and it seemed very natural to hold the photoshoot for her first crochet book there. The Silence Scarf is crocheted with Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm yarns, delicate and soft.

The design on the right in the same collage is the ‘From Sea to Sea Blanket’, made with Scheepjes Whirl to create a beautiful gradient effect.

One of the designs that caught my eye most was the Pier 3 Blanket, made with Scheepjes Skies. The detailed edging is just so beautiful! The indigo dyed yarn has a handdyed look, which gives the blanket a vintage vibe. There are so many possibilities with mosaic crochet, as Tatsiana shows in every design.

Left: Beach Ride Shawl. Right: Breathe the Breeze Cardigan

And then, possibly, my two favourites from the book. I have always been in awe of Tatsiana’s garment patterns and the apparent ease she designs them with. They are so wearable, yet very unique. I love the mosaic crochet details in the ‘Breathe the Breeze Cardigan’ which you can see in the collage on the righthand side, and is made with Scheepjes Bamboo Soft.

The ‘Beach Ride Shawl’ on the left is again made with Scheepjes Whirl, and with stunning results! And of course, being a Dutchie I have a soft spot for bicycles 😉

Selling points

The book ‘A Sea Story’ has been out for a couple of months now, and you can still find it in various shops. Tatsiana also sells the book via her own shop. For retailers around the world wishing to stock the book themselves, the book is available for wholesale purchase via De Bondt.

I have located a few online shops where the book is for sale at this moment, please find a list below. Please note the book is written in English, and the crochet patterns use US terminology.

Taemombo (Canada)
Around the Table Yarns (USA)
The Yarn Bowl (Australia)
Las Tijeras Magicas (Spain)

Netherlands | Nederland:
De Breibar
Laura Haakt
Marree’s Wolpassie
Zaans Geluk

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A Sea Story – Modern Mosaic Crochet