YARN 12 – Romance

YARN 12 – Romance

The new Scheepjes YARN bookazine is here, and it is so mind-blowingly beautiful. Even though I feel like I say this about every issue, I really love the theme: Romance.

Rich jewel tones, beautiful intricate designs inspired by nature.. This issue pays hommage to the artists and muses of the Pre-Raphaelite and Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th century.

The Pre-Raphaelite artists found beauty everywhere they looked, and the main themes focus around the female form, fruit and nature. As for the Arts and Crafts movement, you might have heard of its founder: William Morris. He was a student of the Pre-Raphaelite artists and we often find his designs on wallpapers and fabrics.

This is one of William Morris’ designs, which I used as inspiration for my contribution to this issue of YARN bookazine.

The Miller Mittens, named after Pre-Raphaelite muse Annie Miller, are a set of stranded colourwork mittens using bright colours. The main two flowers on the mitten are inspired by the William Morris design above, do you recognize them in the white flowers in the center?

The cuff also features a floral colourwork chart, and the mustard colour gives a very nice contrast with the rest of the mitten. The same flower chart is used for the palm of the hand.

Because stranded colourwork knitting kind of gives a double layer of yarn, since you’re using two strands at the same time, these mittens will be delightfully warm for many winters to come.

Even though multiple colours are used, you are not knitting with more than two colours at a time. Some stitches of the ‘big flowers’ are duplicate stitched because of this. If you feel comfortable enough working with three colours at the same time, please feel free to do so.

I love the embroidery detail on the wrist, do you like it too? I think I might do this more often, it gives such a nice effect.

There are so many gorgeous designs in this bookazine. Just LOOK at this blanket Jellina made, it took my breath away. If you want a closer look at the designs in this issue, check out this page on the Scheepjes website, or their Ravelry page here.

Get the bookazine

Find the bookazine at your local Scheepjes retailers, find them here. You can also purchase them online, I have included some affiliate links below.

Wool Warehouse

Caro’s Atelier

The Yarn

I used Scheepjes Metropolis for these mittens, in four different colours. The main colour is 027 San Juan, which is a kind of foresty green. You will need 2 balls of this colour, and 1 ball of each of the other colours. The lighter green is 032 Abu Dhabi, the bright pink is 059 Montreal, and finally the mustard yellow is 035 Seoul.

If you want to use different colours, make sure the main colour contrasts with all three other colours.

Find Scheepjes Metropolis at retailers here, or via the webshops below.

Wool Warehouse

Caro’s Atelier

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YARN 12 – Romance