Learn to knit colourwork

Learn to knit colourwork

Knit colourwork with me!

Have you always wanted to try stranded colourwork patterns, but you don’t have enough confidence to tackle it on your own? In the Colourwork Confidence Masterclass, you will find seven chapters that will take you from Beginner to Bad-ass colourwork knitter!

This class is already available on my Patreon page, and my students have made such wonderful things! If you don’t like the subscription aspect of Patreon though, you’ll love that the course is now also available as a one-off payment of $59. Pay once, and you’ll have the course forever!

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What’s included?

The Colourwork Confidence Masterclass includes lots of colourwork charts, starting with easy charts and then increasing in difficulty.

Chapter 1 teaches you to choose colours. Not all colours work for this technique, so it’s important to pick ones that will show off your pattern.

Chapter 2 is all about the basics: holding your yarns! This is probably what puts new knitters off colourwork, since it seems like a lot of strands to handle. I’m giving you three different methods for holding your yarns, and usually you’ll find one that suits you best. We’ll be knitting the first couple of charts in this chapter.

In Chapter 3, we’re advancing in our colourwork skills and I’m showing you how to wrap floats. Floats are the pieces of unused yarn at the back of your work, if they get too long you need to wrap them.

Chapter 4 includes instructions for the corrugated rib technique, one of my favourites!

In Chapter 5, we’re diving deeper and learning how to fix mistakes in colourwork, without ripping back!

And finally in Chapter 6, I’m teaching you how to knit three-colour colourwork. A little bit tricky even for me, but it’s so beautiful once you get the hang of it.

And now I get to do my impression of a 90s Tell-Sell marketeer: “But wait, that’s not all!”

In BONUS Chapter 7, you’ll find the full tutorial for the Striped and Stranded hat, which is over 1 hour long! In this tutorial, you’ll also get instructions for the stretchy cast on, increase and decrease rounds, and my fun trick to block hats.

This hat is a really fun pattern since it allows you to practice your colourwork knitting skills, without it being super important how the fit is afterwards. Does it end up a little small? It’s a beanie! A little too big? Slouchy hat!

If you find it too daunting to start with a colourwork sweater or socks right away, this is a great stepping stone pattern.

Are you ready to upgrade your knitting skills?

Yes please!

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Learn to knit colourwork