Subtle Sock Collection Preview

Subtle Sock Collection Preview

Bron – Source. The first pattern in the Subtle Sock Collection

The Subtle Sock Collection – coming soon!

Some exciting news for you, my new sock knitting pattern collection is going to be published soon! I’m planning to publish my first ever E-book, the Subtle Sock Collection in November. I’m so excited because if you ask me, these are the prettiest socks I have ever knit!

I still have to decide on which day to launch the new collection, but you will know soon enough. Want to be the first to know? Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at the top right of this page.

Patterns in the Subtle Sock Collection, clockwise from top left: Bron (Source), Blad (Leaf), Bloem (Bloom), Bries (Breeze)

What is the Subtle Sock Collection?

The Subtle Sock Collection E-book will consist of four sock patterns, all using stranded colourwork. You can see the four patterns in the picture above. I’m also showing all of them in my latest podcast episode that you can watch right here.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of knitting colourwork, and especially using variegated yarns. When a yarn is ‘variegated’, it means that it will gradually change colour. Paired with a solid colour yarn, I find the effect to be so satisfying!

Breaking colourwork rules

Some rules are meant to be broken, right? For colourwork, you usually want to go for a really contrasting pair of colours so that the pattern really ‘pops’. Lately I’ve come to really appreciate the lower contrast pairings as well. It’s so subtle, almost like there’s a haze over your knitting. Subtle colourwork pairings can make your project look very elegant and classy.

person sitting on chair with feet by their side showing pair of socks
Blad – Leaf. The second pattern in the Subtle Sock Collection

Yarns I used

All of the patterns in the Subtle Sock Collection use Scheepjes Metropolis and Scheepjes Our Tribe. The Scheepjes Metropolis yarn is a solid colour yarn and I’m using those for the toes, heels and cuffs and for the pattern colour in the colourwork. The Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn is used for the background colour in the colourwork section.

I’ve listed the exact colours below, with links to shops where you can buy the yarns. These links are affiliate links which means that if you purchase at that webshop within 30 days of clicking the link, the shopkeeper rewards me with a small percentage of your order. You will not pay anything extra for this, so it’s win-win!

Subtle Sock Collection Pattern #1 Bron – Source (top left in collage image)

Scheepjes Metropolis 017 Multan x 1 ball for adult small, 2 balls for adult medium/large
Scheepjes Our Tribe 970 Cypress Textiles x 1 ball

Subtle Sock Collection Pattern #2 Blad – Leaf (top right in collage image)

Scheepjes Metropolis 003 Dallas x 1 ball for adult small, 2 balls for adult medium/large
Scheepjes Our Tribe 964 New Leaf x 1 ball

Subtle Sock Collection Pattern #3 Bries – Breeze (bottom left in collage image)

Scheepjes Metropolis 026 Depok x 1 ball for adult small, 2 balls for adult medium/large
Scheepjes Our Tribe 980 Simy 2 x 1 ball

Subtle Sock Collection Pattern #4 Bloem – Bloom (bottom right in collage image)

Scheepjes Metropolis 055 Lima x 1 ball for adult small, 2 balls for adult medium/large
Scheepjes Our Tribe 967 Simy x 1 ball

three pairs of socks visible from drawer
From left to right: #1 Bron (Source), #2 Blad (Leaf), #3 Bries (Breeze)

Additional Materials

In addition to the yarns, you will also need circular sock needles in the sizes 2.25 mm and 2.5 mm (US 1 and 1.5). The smaller size is used for knitting the toe, and the larger size needle is used for the colourwork section, heel and cuff. I use Chiaogoo circular needles.

You can also use double pointed needles (DPNs) to knit these patterns.

Available Sock Sizes

The patterns will come in sizes EU35-47, which covers all adult sock sizes. The pattern also includes a measuring system to find your own size if you don’t use European sock sizes.

Sock Construction

These socks are knit from the toe up so you can make the most out of your yarn. The heel features a stripy gusset for more room around the instep, shortrows and a slip stitch heelflap. The cuff has a purl row detail and 1×1 twisted ribbing. All features are completely written out in the pattern and are focused on guiding newer knitters through the process of sock knitting.

knitting sock in progress
Bries – Breeze. The third pattern in the Subtle Sock Collection

When will the patterns be available?

I will publish the Subtle Sock Collection E-book in November, and it will be available for purchase through my New Leaf Webshop and through Ravelry.

Can I buy the patterns separately?

Yes, but only starting from the beginning of next year.

I want to make them!

Great! Keep your eye out for the patterns dropping in November, and be sure to show it some love by sharing the link with your friends. I always appreciate it when people share pictures of them making my patterns, either on Ravelry project pages linked to the pattern, or on Instagram and Facebook with the tag #subtlesockcollection. Thank you all so much!

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Subtle Sock Collection Preview