Hi there! My name is Carmen Jorissen and I’m the designer behind New Leaf Designs knitting & crochet patterns, and the creator of the New Leaf Podcast on YouTube. I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend Tim and cutie-pie cat Momo. I have been working full-time as a knitwear and crochet designer since September 2019, and I hope to make my business sustainable so I can keep it that way. Because honestly, this is a DREAM come true!

My Mission

My mission is to spread the knowledge of knitting and give you the tools you need to elevate your skills. I would love to see knitters get more joy out of what they make, really be proud of themselves! I want for you to be bold, fearless in tackling that new pattern, trying out that technique you’ve always thought was too difficult.

One of the ways I can help you upgrade your knitting skillset is through my Patreon page!

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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a site where supporters of creative businesses subscribe to a monthly membership and in return, those supporters receive rewards from the business that no one else has access to!  Each membership level has its own unique bonuses. It’s a great way to support the businesses you love while receiving special perks in return!


On my Patreon page, I offer exclusive courses that will help you level up your knitting. Have you always wanted to try colourwork? Do short rows freak you out? Would you like to knit your very first sweater with me? Even if you’re just looking for the basics: fixing a dropped stitch, re-doing a cast-off, or how to undo an increase. If you’re ready to level up, you are in the right place.


Not ready to leave your comfort zone just yet? If you’d like a trial of my tutorial videos, please check out the Simple Toe Up Socks tutorial I have on my YouTube Channel New Leaf Podcast. Even though this tutorial series is from many years ago, it gives you a good idea of the amount of detail I show in my tutorial videos.

What types of rewards do you offer?

My tutorial videos to help YOU elevate your knitting skills so you can tackle any knitting pattern you desire.

Pssst… fun fact: the Tier names are all apple varieties that my grandpa had on his farm!


Jonagold appleJonagold: Choose this tier if you’re here for the tutorial videos! Learn how to knit your first sweater, how to knit colourwork, how to fix mistakes in knitting, and MUCH more. Plus you get 10% off all my paid self-published patterns! Jonagold is the 3rd most popular apple variety my grandpa grew in his orchard. Crisp with a red ‘blush’, Jonagold is loved by many.*

Golden Delicious appleGolden Delicious: If you want the tutorial videos PLUS downloadable PDF patterns, choose this tier! Golden Delicious patrons get even more tutorial videos and enjoy 15% off all of my paid self-published patterns*. Golden Delicious was the 2nd most popular apple variety from my grandpa’s orchard. Sweet like honey!

Elstar applesElstar: The Elstar patrons are my All-stars! Subscribe to this tier if you want the complete package: ALL of the tutorial videos I offer, all of the rewards mentioned for the other tiers, and more! If you have your own business in the craft branches, choose this tier to unlock my Designer Talk series and chart-making series. Elstar patrons also get 20% off all paid self-published patterns*! Elstar was by far the most popular apple variety my grandpa grew on his apple farm. Fun fact: my grandpa was actually one of the very first farmers to grow this apple hybrid. A pioneer and a real entrepreneur 🙂


* Discount codes cannot be accumulated with other promotions and discounts, and can only be used for my self-published patterns (a.k.a. not in other publications).

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I’d like to know more…

Interesting right? I’ll tell you a little bit more about what kind of content I publish on my Patreon page. Here are some of the videos currently in the tutorial library:

Colourwork Confidence

If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of colourwork knitting! I love creating colourwork stitch patterns and using them for sweaters, socks, hats, legwarmers, and much more! Colourwork is so addicting to knit because it keeps you entertained. Plus, your finished object will look a-MA-zing!

Learn all about colourwork knitting: how to choose the right materials for your project, creating swatches, how to hold your yarns, and so much more! If you’d like to know more about this particular tutorial series, I’ve written a more in-depth post right here.

The Colourwork Confidence Masterclass is a tutorial series exclusive to my Patreon page, and features 6 Chapters of a combined length of 2,5 hours!

Sweater KAL tutorial series

I love teaching people new things, and the best thing about my Sweater KAL Tutorial series is that I got to teach people how to knit their first sweater! Have you always wanted to knit a sweater but are you intimidated by the techniques? I’ve got you covered! In this Tutorial series, I will guide you through your first sweater from cast on, increasing, knitting short-rows, splitting for the sleeves, all the way to casting off the ribbing.

The Around the World Sweater KAL Tutorial series features a whopping 8 Chapters of knitty goodness with a combined length of over 4,5 hours! There is so much value in this Tutorial series that this alone is worth your Patreon subscription! Want to know more about this particular tutorial series? Read more here.

Daisy Dove Make-a-long crochet

Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet? Here’s your chance! In the tutorial, we make the Daisy Dove pattern together. A great beginner project with basic stitch videos, how to assemble and expert tips and tricks. The Daisy Dove Tutorial series is over 2,5 hours long and is the perfect way to kick off your crochet journey.

Fix Your Knits

Are you just starting out with knitting, or are you finding yourself holding back on trying more complex patterns? The Fix Your Knits series teaches beginner knitters how to fix their mistakes and get more confident in their knitting skills.

Tutorials include fixing a dropped stitch, un-knitting different stitches, ripping back entire rows, and much more! You’ll be able to really understand your knitting and recognize your stitches. Get ready to tackle those more intricate patterns with confidence.

My favourite video in the Fix Your Knits series? Sock Surgery! I had knit up a pair of socks for a friend but they turned out to be too small, so I took the opportunity to turn this into a tutorial video for my patrons. It involves cutting into your stitches, eek! Yep, seriously scary stuff indeed, but together we can tackle this!

Other videos

  • the Madly in Love Socks step-by-step tutorial
  • the Scent of the Pine Shawl step-by-step tutorial
  • How to knit blind – learn to knit anywhere, anytime!
  • and many more!

Count me in! How do I sign up?!

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting to support my design business!

Signing up to be a Patreon member is easy!  Just click on the button below, choose a membership level and click the “Join” button to sign up!


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