Rustic Lace Square Shawl

Build a shawl with squares


Designer’s notes:

This crochet shawl is the perfect way to showcase a gradient yarn. Each block is a different colour combination!

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Designed by Carmen Jorissen

**PLEASE NOTE: This pattern is available for FREE on my blog, but if you like a printable PDF with all the information in 1 concise place, then it’s nice to have this paid PDF. Also, you get to support my work, yay! A huge thank you to everyone who purchases this PDF.**

The Rustic Lace Square pattern became extremely popular in 2015. The pattern was originally published in an Argentinian crochet magazine, but the designer’s name was never found.
With the triangular version of the square that I made, you can now make a triangular shawl!
The showstopper of this shawl is the gradient yarn. By using both ends of the yarn cake you get this gorgeous effect.

Happy crocheting!!

Available in English (US terminology) and Dutch, downloadable PDF. Pattern is both written out and charted.

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Rustic Lace Square Shawl