Handcarved wooden crochet hooks – Ready Made Set #2

beautiful handcarved wooden hooks


A beautiful set of handcarved wooden crochet hooks, handmade with the utmost care by my other half.

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Handcarved wooden hook set

Looking for the perfect gift for the crocheter? Or perhaps you want to spoil yourself with a gorgeous new hook set? Ooh do I have a treat for you! We have three sets of ready made handcarved wooden crochet hooks available at the moment, so if you want a set, don’t hesitate!

Each of these wooden hooks are tested by me to ensure their smoothness, so you can use them for your special crochet projects. Or if you’re like me, you’ll want to use them as props in every single one of your WIP photos!

Our story

These wooden crochet hooks are handcarved by my boyfriend Tim. Similar to my passion for all things fiber related, Tim has always had a passion for wood, whether it’s chopping wood for the fireplace or dreaming of that perfect wooden cabin in the mountains. When I received the book ‘Handmade‘ by Jessica Kouwenhoven, Tim spotted the tutorial for wooden crochet hooks at once! So the next weekend, we went for a walk and managed to forage some wood we could use. After a few days, the wood was dry enough to carve, and so we gave it a try. It turned out that I wasn’t very good at it, but Tim was a natural! His hooks are super smooth and he always takes very good care of shaping the tip and hook perfectly. We made a set for my mom to gift to her on her birthday, and I showed the set on my Instagram and Youtube channel as well. I got SO many requests after that for a set of wooden hooks, that I was able to convince Tim to make some more.

Hook sizes

Each set consists of three handcarved wooden crochet hooks. The crochet hooks in this set have sizes 6mm (US J), 7mm (US K), and 9mm (US M). Looking for different sizes? Try the other ready made hook sets, or place a pre order. Please note however that it’s not always possible to make the exact size you want due to the nature of the raw materials.

Care for your hooks

While these hooks are perfectly fine for every day use, they do require a bit more upkeep than metal hooks. Every once in a while, take a bit of beeswax (beeswax lipbalm for instance will do) and rub it in with a piece of cloth.

While we take extreme care to select the best woods for your hook, please know that wooden hooks are more fragile than metal hooks. If you take them with you for crocheting on-the-go, please store them in a sturdy case to minimize any damage. Wood also reacts to temperature changes, extreme temperature changes (for example going from outside in hot summer weather to an air conditioned room, or keeping your hooks by the radiator) may cause the wood to crack.


Your hooks will be packaged in a sturdy paper box with polyfill lining. A small tag with the size written on it will be tied to each hook. The box will be wrapped with twine, adorned with a vintage doily, and a tag will be tied on with some 100% silk yarn handspun by your truly.

The hook set is shipped as a parcel, and we will take special care to make sure the hooks will not suffer any damage during transit. In the rare case that this might occur, please feel free to email us at hello@newleafdesigns.nl


The hook set will be shipped without Track & Trace as this is the cheapest option. If you wish to pay extra for tracking (up to €6 extra), please let us know. Shipping to countries outside of the Netherlands usually doesn’t take longer than 12 working days (3 weeks). However, there have been instances where shipping has taken a bit longer. If it already has been 12 working days and your order hasn’t arrived yet, feel free to email me at hello@newleafdesigns.nl. Thank you for your patience!


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Handcarved wooden crochet hooks – Ready Made Set #2